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Tilt and balance.

Back when I first started drawing them in 2011, the Keeper had antlers and the spellmaker had horns. I’d phased them out by 2012 because I kept thinking about how uncomfortable it would be for them to sleep lying down. Their current antler/horn-less states are more mundane, but I sleep better knowing they also sleep better.

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Playing around, trying to get back in a painting groove. I forgot to not trust the colors on my cintiq.

He was supposed to be happy and bashful and just moe, but then he got sadder as I painted him. I’m sorry Jack 8’V



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shortly after sousuke just sighs and pats his chest to prompt rin to lay on it, rin brightens up and falls right on top of sousuke which is equivalent to landing on a boulder 

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I have begun this drawing more than 3 weeks ago … I loved it a lot, but i have no idea what draw in background (those who come in my LS know about what i talk XD) 

Finally i have try with plants, without success, so i have try another one ect, to finish with sunflowers :)

This drawing is a gift for kit-replica ( I know you love it a lot so … XD ) and hijack-covers ( for your precious advice this last days : thank you so much )


Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou from Ringling Computer Animation on Vimeo.

a film by Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon
produced at Ringling College of Art + Design
Department of Computer Animation

Class of 2014


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40㍍P ft. GUMI “Those Nameless Stars” 名前のない星 (English Subtitles) 「Riki」 Image Song

"Let me hear your voice"

So 40mP seems to be the man right now with commissions and special projects. This one is actually the theme song for a new novel series that was a recipient of a Mahou no iRando prize and is now being prepped for mass publication it seems. It’s a sad but beautiful song that combines beautiful imagery and emotion very nicely. With this song I haven now caught up on my 40mP post “disaster” and now it’s time to work on some other artists lol.

Original Upload: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24319049


Music & Lyric:40mP(mylist/7975931、@40mP)

Movie:Tambourine Pictures
Model:Yukino Shiraishi & Ryosei Tanaka
Produced by “Mahou no iRando” Editorial Department

■I’ve written this song as the image song of “Mahou no iRando“‘s character,「Riki」.
 Both parts of the book is in production!Details⇒http://s.maho.jp/p.asp?I=7thawardwin_01

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Print I made for San Japan!

I’ve still got a few left if anyone is interested HERE

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Sensei forgot his glasses

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